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We create fine fragrances that celebrate the nomadic spirit within all of us. Each Roots of a Nomad fragrance marks the diverse paths we’ve traveled and the moments that define us.

Our fragrance compositions are designed to be poetic depictions of the energy, mood, and vibe of different places, but they are not meant to be literal. It’s ultimately your memories, your interpretation, and your connection that gives each scent its purpose and its meaning.

Founded lovingly by Helen Lee.


Hi! I’m Helen and I am the founder of ROAN Fragrances. Roots of a Nomad is a celebration of the deep bond we feel when we allow ourselves to wander and to connect to the world – the places, the people, and the cultures we encounter in our journey everyday ultimately shapes who we are and who we will become.

For me, this spirit translates to scent through the beautiful note of tea. As a devoted tea enthusiast, with a personal collection in the triple digits, I always looked for teas to bookmark the places I’ve been privileged to visit. And it never ceases to amaze me how many unique characteristics can be derived from a singular tea leaf. And so through Roots of a Nomad, I hope to share that tea is not at all a niche fragrance note. It’s bold. It’s diverse, and it’s limitless!


We were inspired by how since the beginning, communities around the world created infusions with the bounty of the land around them and shared these wonderful creations with each other.

Therefore, these diverse notes help transport us to all the beautiful places where tea is grown, brewed, and loved.

Brand commitments



We are transparent about the ingredients in our formulas, even those considered proprietary. We believe you deserve to know everything that goes into your fragrance!

Our fragrances are made from a mix of both natural and safe synthetic ingredients. Where natural materials are used, we partner with our fragrance oil suppliers to ensure they are grown and collected in a way that respects the global environment and community.

Click here for our full ingredient list.


We define clean as being free of ingredients that are known to or suspected to cause harm to the user and to the environment.

We are formulated in accordance with the recommendations set forth by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards library, and we constantly monitor and update our lists according to new information and studies.

Click here for our free-of list.


Our fragrances are packaged in FSC certified cartons that are 100% recycled and in cellowrap that is 100% compostable.

The packaging materials used to ship our products to you are also thoughtfully considered. All of our mailer boxes, tissue paper and stickers are FSC certified and includes recycled materials. Protective peanuts are 100% compostable.

manufacturing + Shipping

Our fragrances are filled in a facility that aims to minimize its carbon footprint through solar energy.

Through our partnership with Route, we offer a carbon-free shipping option for each order.



Our commitments continue after purchase! Once you’ve finished your fragrance, send back your empty glass bottle and we will separate and recycle it for you!

Reach out to us at for a complementary shipping label.