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Eau De Parfum | 50ml
A timeless luscious woody scent with Oolong.

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The mountain stands tall, resolute and everlasting. She holds many memories, and she greets you as a familiar friend. You may be alone on the path, but you are not lonely. With the knowing trees on either side, you slip back into a sweet memory that lingers on.

A woody fragrance that unlocks deep thoughts like the early morning mountain air, opening with the subtle, sweet mistiness from Oolong tea and black currant buds, before enveloping into the warm, deep familiarity of classic flora, woods, and leather.

Created with Ugo Charron in a poetic depiction of the Taiwanese mountains where precious time stands still.

MOUNTAIN MEMORIES Sale price$160.00
TOP: Oolong tea, Pink pepper, Black currant bud
MID: Jasmine, Narcissus
BASE: Patchouli, Leather, Guaiac wood, Oakmoss

Hero note

Like a snapshot in time, Oolong tea takes on the character of its highland surroundings. Its flavor changes based on the amount of sun, wind, and rain during the season. It is a beautiful reminder that we too are all uniquely shaped by our environment
and our experiences.