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Eau De Parfum | 50ml
A fresh invigorating oceanic scent with Matcha.

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The ocean is mysterious, vast and limitless. She reminds you there is always more within you to discover. At the edge of the golden city, you stand at her shores. With the vibrant city as your backdrop, you give in and let your inner creativity take over.

A fresh fragrance that invigorates like the ocean breeze, opening with the brightness of bergamot zest and white ginger, followed by a mindful energy achieved through calming salt notes, soft musk, and the quiet boldness of Matcha.

Created with Claude Dir in a poetic depiction of the California coast where anything is possible.

CURRENT CULTURE Sale price$160.00
TOP: Bergamot zest, Pink pepper, White ginger
MID: Matcha, Cotton peony, Neroli
BASE: Red seaweed, Salty moss, Musk

Hero note

In addition to its beautifully rich tradition and history,
Matcha also has an ability to reinvent itself to
continuously inspire the world. It is a wonderful
reminder of the power we hold within to always to
find new horizons.